Tips to make a long distance relationship work


Distance often takes a toll on relationships. And in days where even close quarter relationships find it hard to survive, the long-distance relationship requires thinking twice. But long distance relationships are very common these days. And there are people out there who are making it work, successfully. How do they do it? Read on to know more:


  1. Communication is the key:
    Not only long-distance relationships, but every relationship also survives just because of effective communication. When you’re in a long distance relationship, you should make it a point to talk to each other once every day – it may be even for a few minutes, but it helps. Talking keeps the bond alive, thus keeping the relationship going. But again, overdoing this may have a negative impact, so strike the right balance.
  2. Do similar things together:
    Even if not together, you can do the same things together! For example, reading a novel, or watching a TV series or a film – you can surely do these things together! It’s not only fun but will also make your partner feel involved and loved. Plus, you’ll always have something to talk about!
  3. Know each other’s schedules:
    Knowing your partner’s schedule will help you know when to call, when t drop a text, when to video call. You sure don’t want to cause inconvenience to your partner by calling them at odd times. So keep a tab on each other’s schedules.
  4. Surprise visits:
    Imagine this: After a tough day at work, you’re all weary and tired, and suddenly you see your partner right in front of you! The joy of seeing your bundle of joy after a long time away from each other cannot be put into words! So make it a point to visit each other, if not surprised, at least informed ones!
  5. Send letters:
    Nothing is more special than receiving a letter from your loved one! A handwritten note, overflowing with emotions is an even better way to express your love and keep the fire burning!
  6. Show that you care:
    You need to put your affection on display, no matter how secure your partner is! So send surprise gifts, keep track of each other on social media, drop silly, lovable comments there and let your loved one know that they’re loved and always on your mind!

There you go – simple tips, which will help you kindle the long distance relationships!


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