Dating slang you need to know!


Thanks to the tonnes of dating apps and websites available out there, dating has now become very easy and accessible for everyone. And the process of dating has become easy too – if you like someone’s profile, you swipe right or click to make a match right there! These dating trends have made the emotion of love very convenient – and this convenience is what gives rise to breakups. But breakup is no longer the only aspect of relationships anymore – there are many more! And you need to know them – so read right away!

It’s basically a one-sided affair, with one thinking that they’ve found the love of their life – while the other isn’t really into the relationship and is carrying on with it only because they don’t have anyone interesting in their life as of the given time. So they just carry on with the relationship they are in now, giving false hopes to the other person.

The ruthless version of the old-style breakup! You go out on dates, have fun, feel like heaven in the other’s company, and feel like you’ve found the one. Sweet story. Until the other party starts ghosting you- Stops responding to your calls, messages and other attempts to get in touch with you. And all you left doing is nursing that broken heart.


Dating a couple of people together, just to ensure you have a backup in case the current relationship breaks off! And it’s a result of the current generation’s want for everything quick and fast. So the fear to be left alone is another reason why this trend is catching up.

This term is for all those who can’t bear to be alone and single during winters! Two reasons – it’s the holiday season, plus, it’s cold! Who would want to be alone, loitering around in the merry holiday season? And what’s the point of cold winter nights if you don’t have anyone to cuddle with? So cuffing is for this clan of winter babies!

Passionate couple kissing

Blame the smartphones or what; the millennials have forgotten the rules of conversation! And phubbing is just that – looking into the phone while someone is trying to make up a conversation with you. Pretty rude, this dating trend!

Precisely what a submarine does – disappears and then resurfaces! This is the next level of ghosting – your partner first ghosts you, totally ignores you and then one fine day contacts you back as if nothing had happened! Ahem, people, this isn’t fair at all –  And yes, you’re free to treat your submariner as you want to!

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